Superpharm is the largest pharmacy chain in Israel. Its app is the most successful retail app in Israel. With over 2.2M Downloads and the extremely high usability rates.

iphone-6_mockupWe re-thought and re-designed the app and the results (after about a month from launch) are amazing: almost 300% increase in usage was noticed in less than a month –   More people are creating shopping lists through the app and more are using coupons through the app.

Download it now to view:
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Larger Than Life

The Wild bunch (team) are truly amazing. “Soul players”. They guided us through the whole project from A to Z with great solutions in every aspect  – from planning to marketing.  Working with them is pleasant and fun.


Brand innovation 

Larger Than Life, an amazing nonprofit organization that helps seriously ill children with cancer and their families cope with their fears and treatments.

The Launch of the website was on their annual “Donation Day”. On that day the association raised about $2M – the largest sum ever!

You got this far?!


Good for you. now let’s just make sure you got the idea right –

Wild Solutions studio is an amazing place, and, we are great at:
Designing – Prototyping – Wireframing – Branding – Mentoring & caring 🙂

You may continue…


Branding, Design and Dev project


Spoiler alert: 
When Ci came to us they where not called Ci.

It was a hebrew name מידע שיווקי that they also used in english as MEIDA SHIVUKI. Obviously this made us laugh a lot but when we calmed down we started getting serious:

So, this is where it was back then:


We turned it into this:

ci1ci3 Ci_main

MADGERA – Startups Hatchery

madgera_01Startups bootcamp program at the heart of the Negev desert (Kibbutz Revivim). The MADGERA is an ambitious project we founded at our home – kibbutz Revivim.




Madgera – Interior Design

After we had the base branding line we invited the talented Kiril Krantz from studio Orchid who planed and created the most awesome interior design for the building:


Want to see and read more about the Madgera excelerator? check out the website we setup:


The immortal, universal Paper-Rock-scissors game as never seen before.

Ido Be’eri has created an ingenious twist on this really awesome game that every child grew on. Now, in this new chess like environment it becomes a tactical game that will hook you and blow your mind.



Video in the most convenient and appealing way to get people to notice and listen to you these days (as everybody in the world probably already understood, and probably you know that to if you are checking out this page.
Whether it’s a product you’d like to promote or a cause, a video is a must.  You should aim to find a crew that can deliver an awesome script, an amazing animator or a great photographer.



Madgera (The hatchery) – Startups bootcamp program in the heart of the Negev desert