What if you could identify high risk patients at the earliest stage of their cardiovascular disease – would you treat them differently? EndoPAT!

Brand innovation 

Larger Than Life, an amazing nonprofit organization that helps seriously ill children with cancer and their families cope with their fears and treatments.

The Launch of the website was on their annual “Donation Day”. On that day the association raised about $2M – the largest sum ever!


The Wild bunch (team) are truly amazing. “Soul players”. They guided us through the whole project from A to Z with great solutions in every aspect  – from planning to marketing.  Working with them is pleasant and fun.


The immortal, universal Paper-Rock-scissors game as never seen before.

Ido Be’eri has created an ingenious twist on this really awesome game that every child grew on. Now, in this new chess like environment it becomes a tactical game that will hook you and blow your mind.